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The Kristen Boss Podcast

Jun 3, 2024

Have you ever had someone join your team, only to quickly realize that this business model wasn’t for them? Kristen has been noticing a significant issue: the stickiness problem. This has become a common theme in the social selling industry. But why do so many people come in and exit just as quickly? 


In today’s episode Kristen dives into the reasons behind this problem and explores ten strategies to improve retention and help your team members stick around.


Let’s look at a few highlights:

  • Stickiness refers to the ability to retain new team members effectively. It’s about how many people join your team and how many actually stay and thrive.
  • Kristen emphasizes that addressing these issues requires strategic changes in how leaders bring people onto their teams and support them once they join
  • Consider what shifts you need to make in your approach to help people stick to your team. What questions can you ask during the vetting process? How can you better support new members in their initial days
  • How can you work with new team members to adjust their expectations and recognize smaller, incremental successes rather than expecting immediate, large wins?


Not everyone is cut out for social selling, and it's crucial to differentiate between those who are serious about the opportunity and those who are merely wishful thinkers.


Remember, it's your team too. There is work you have to do to keep the "right" team members. Reflect on these points and consider the shifts you need to make to ensure you're attracting and retaining the best people for your team. What questions can you ask to ensure you're bringing in the right people and setting them up for success? The success of your team starts with your leadership and the standards you set.


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