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The Kristen Boss Podcast

Jun 17, 2024

Are you the person who's constantly looking back at what your business once was? Wishing for the days when making a sale felt effortless, when your warm market connections seemed to be enough? The truth is, things have changed. 


In today’s episode Kristen delivers the hard truth about tapping into your cold market and asking the crucial question… are you still bought into this business, even knowing it's different, hard, and outside of your comfort zone?

Let’s look at a few highlights:

  • Wishing for the old business creates resistance to your now. If you compare the present day team and business to the past, we are in a different landscape.
  • One of the significant shifts in network marketing is the transition from warm market messaging to cold market engagement. The people you once relied on—friends, family, acquaintances—might not be enough to sustain your business anymore.
  • If your customer base isn't yielding the same revenue, it's a sign that you need new eyes on your products.
  • It's not enough to show up only when you're desperate or feeling scarcity. True success comes from being consistent, no matter the circumstances.
  • Buying back in means embracing the changes, adapting your strategies, and continually selling yourself on the value and potential of your business.

Let's be real: this isn't your old business anymore. The landscape has changed, and clinging to the past won't drive your success in the present. It's time to decide—are you in this business or not? Are you ready to stop making excuses, adapt to the new reality, and put in the work?


The future of your business depends on your ability to evolve. It's time to stop dwelling on what used to be and start building what can be. Get out of your comfort zone, engage with the cold market, and commit to your business.


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