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The Kristen Boss Podcast

Sep 25, 2023

The content we consume and create on social media platforms has become an integral part of our daily lives. We are constantly bombarded with content from all corners of the internet. Whether we are the creators or the consumers of this content, there are two distinct categories that many of us find ourselves...

Sep 18, 2023

Social media serves as a vital tool in the realm of social selling. Still, it frequently raises questions among social sellers about the optimal strategies and how to navigate the constantly shifting terrain. Social selling is more than just offering products—it's about constructing a sturdy bridge of trust. 


Sep 11, 2023

During a recent walk, Kristen came to a profound realization as she stumbled upon a flower pushing through a crack in the concrete. This flower persevered against all odds, and it got Kristen thinking about the remarkable places, especially in her business journey, where she's experienced growth against...

Sep 4, 2023

In life, especially in entrepreneurship, we often face the challenging question: "How do you keep going when your friends and family don't support what you're doing?" It's a question that resonates with many of us at various points in our journeys. We feel like nobody is cheering for us, and there is no one in...